What Do Pet Groomers Use On Dogs To Make Them Smell So Good?

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What Do Pet Groomers Use On Dogs To Make Them Smell So Good?

Ever wonder what pet groomers use on dogs to make them smell good? Now, you may already have an inkling about some, but they do use various products to make your dog smell nice and fresh. 

Groomers will do everything starting from the paw and work their way up; they can ensure no part of your furry baby remains unclean. 

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Due to our line of work and general interest in dogs, we often face questions like, "what can I put on my dog to make him smell nice?" Well, we spoke to some groomers and found out what they use. 

Hopefully, here you will find some tricks you can use to keep your dog smelling fresh without having bathed them regularly or taking them to a groomer. Some of the things we will list even have some additional health benefits and make your dog smell nice. 

You will find all the products groomers use in the following passages, ranging from dog perfume sprays to dog cologne to make your dog smell nice. So without any further delay, let's check it out!

Using Shampoos

Groomers always specially formulated dog grooming shampoos, especially ones designed to remove odors from the hair and skin. 

These shampoos go the extra mile by having various odor-killing ingredients that remove odors, whereas other generic shampoos shield odors for a limited period. 

If you are concerned about your dog's odor, you can look up some grooming shampoos or ask a groomer what they think is the best odor-killing shampoo for dogs. If you look hard enough, you will find grooming shampoos that kill odors and enhance your dog's coat!

Using Cotton Swabs & Cotton Balls

The groomer doesn't just wash your fur baby. They go the extra mile by cleaning the ears and eyes and trimming the nails. Cleaning the ears and eyes usually helps reduce the foul odor of your canine friend, especially if they suffer from ear mites or other odor-causing bacteria. 

Groomers usually use cotton swabs and cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the gunk where the alcohol kills the bacteria. 

It also dries out any water in your dog's ear if your dog likes to swim. To clean the gunk from your dog's eyes, you can use cotton balls soaked in warm water and gently wipe it away.

Using Toothpaste

Another essential dog grooming service is brushing the teeth. It's vital for dental hygiene and is your best tool to combat foul breath. 

It would be best if you didn't use human toothpaste for brushing your dog as it causes indigestion when ingested by dogs. There are specially made dog toothpaste that you should use which won't cause irritation or any side effects when ingested. 

You will need to brush your dog's teeth regularly to combat odor and keep your dog's teeth in pristine condition. You can ask your local groomer for tips concerning the best-scented dog toothpaste.

Dog Cologne & Sprays

Dog cologne and sprays are usually used to finish grooming sessions by dog groomers—this helps keep your dog smelling fresh long after the grooming session. 

In addition, there are "chalk" finishing products for dogs that you can use. We recommend using these products between grooming sessions and at-home baths to keep your pup smelling wonderful. 

You can also find sprays for dogs that will remove debris from your dog's coat and mud from your dog's paws. These dog sprays should usually be left on after application, meaning you don't need to wash the coat with water afterward. 

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So there you go, those are what pet groomers use to make dogs smell good. If you ever wondered, "what can I put on my dog to make him smell nice?" then these are your answers. First, however, you have to make sure you follow the instructions correctly.

So before you go to buy dog perfume sprays and cologne, make sure you know everything about adequately grooming your dog. Now you can learn about it online quite quickly or ask your local groomer about grooming your dog. 

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Also, if you have any other questions about smart gadgets or pet gadgets, drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them for you. 

And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!